The 60th ‘Bus’

To celebrate Transport For London’s Year of the Bus, there was a Family Fun Weekend on 24th and 25th January 2015.  All the painted ‘buses’ were collected together at Queen Elizabeth Park in Stratford, London and among other events, the 60th ‘bus’ was painted live over the two days by three of the bus artists: me, Mandii Pope and Michelle Heron.

We brainstormed ideas in the week leading up to the Family Fun Weekend and then prepared the bus for painting.  The design chosen by TFL had loads of 20cm squares so all of those had to be gridded up and masked out for painting (quite a time consuming business).  We did all this before the weekend so that it wouldn’t be too boring for our watching public!

This is the ‘bus’ at the end of the first full day of painting.

At-the-end-of-the-first-day-paintingWe then spent most of the second day putting silhouettes of iconic London buildings and images into the squares around the wording.  On the other side of the Icon Bus, the wording reads, ‘Year of the Bus’.  Here we are painting the bus on a YouTube by Mandii:

Putting-the-icons-on-the-60th-bus Painting-the-60th-bus Jennie-Grover,-Mandii-pope-and-Michelle-Heron-with-the-finished-bus-at-Stratford-25.1.2015Here we are: Jennie Grover, Mandii Pope and Michelle Heron with our finished bus!





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