Indoor wall murals

A number of my art projects are indoor wall murals.  These can enhance the school environment as well as being great fun to design and paint for the pupils.  Here are some of them:

Dinner Hall Mural

This project was a series of thirteen panels based on jungle animals.  The whole school were involved in the drawing of the animals, trees and plants and I brought all these together to design the panels. 

IMG_7938---Copy IMG_7937---Copy IMG_7939

Each of the children’s drawings was reproduced as faithfully as possible in my designs and the finished mural. I made a line drawing amalgamating the children’s designs and sent this to the school to approve.  Spot the panda!








The children had great fun not only in painting the murals but also spotting their drawings.



Mini Beast Mural

This was a Nursery project where I worked with the children individually so that each one could draw a mini beast which would then be made into a stencil.  The children painted the background and then their stencilled mini beasts on top.



Animal Alphabet Mural

Another indoor mural, this time painted by Reception children.  This mural was based on the theme of an animal alphabet. 


The children had to draw animals in the shape of the letter at the beginning of it’s name i.e. ‘a’ for alligator.   The picture above is the original child’s drawing.  The children made a large stencil from the original drawing and then transferred this onto the board and painted it.


A is for Alligator nearly finished

mini-beasts-and-animal-alphabets-017Lots of fun and helped the little ones with their alphabets too.

The Animal Alphabet mural nearly finished


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