Rangoli Designs in Fabric Printing

This project used three different types of fabric printing: block prints, press prints and screen prints, to make Rangoli designs with Year 4 children.  As with many of my projects, I made a Power Point presentation to explain the processes before the children started to draft out their designs in paper.  I always make examples of the different techniques I am teaching the children so that they can see exactly what they are trying to produce.  Once they knew what they wanted to produce, the children made their own block prints and prepared the background colours of their fabric pieces.  Here are some of their fabric prints nearly finished:


In the second session we focused on press printing using circle templates to help our design process.

Designing-the-Rangoli-patterns Printing-the-2nd-colour-of-the-press-print 2nd-colour-press-printingDSCN1127The final session focused on screen printing.  As with the block and press printing, we tried to use a wide range of both colours for printing and background colours to really explore the techniques.  I showed the pupils an example of three colour screen printing and they then worked on their own pieces:


1st-colour-screen-print-2 Screen-print-with-2-colours 3-colour-screen-printAnother fun and worthwhile project that the children really enjoyed.





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