Oscar Wilde Pop-Up Books with Years 5 and 6

I worked with two groups, Years 5 and 6, to make pop-up books based on two Oscar Wilde stories: ‘The Happy Prince’ and ‘The Selfish Giant’.  I needed to condense the stories into just five pages so that we could make one pop-up page per week.  Also, I made sure that the pop-ups were simple enough for the age groups involved.  I made my own versions of both books so that the pupils could see how they worked and then I made templates of the different pop-up mechanisms to help them create their own.

Here are pictures of the first session where we made the front covers for both books and experimented with different watercolour techniques.


Happy-Prince-front-covers watercolour-examples Selfish-Giant-front-coversHere are the different pages of each book starting with ‘The Happy Prince’ page 1:



Page 2 has a lovely pop-up house and page 3 a pivot where as you open the page, the Swallow bends down to drop the sapphire into the little match girl’s hand.

Here are ‘The Selfish Giant’ pages starting with the wall the giant puts round his garden:

Selfish-Giant-page1-b-Page 2 also has a pop-up house (such good fun to make) and then page 3 has a simple ‘v-fold’ before another pivot on page 4 where the giant bends down to help the little boy to climb the tree in his garden.

Selfish-Giant-page-2-b Selfish-Giant-page3-v-folds- Selfish-Giant-page-4-PivotThe last pop up was a cylinder one which is quite fun to make.

Selfish-Giant-Page-5-cylinder-a Selfish-Giant-Page-5-cylinder-b-

The last pages of The Happy Prince were watercolours:

Happy-Prince-page-5-a- Happy-Prince-page-5-b-

I glued all the books together along with the front covers and the pupils wrote some ‘blurb’ for the back covers.  Here are a selection of the books open at different pages.


We are hoping that some of the pop-up books will be displayed in a local book shop as well as the school.





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