Indoor mosaics

Most of my school mosaics are situated outdoors but occasionally I am asked to do one for indoors – which is great because there are loads of materials we can use which we can’t for an outdoors mosaic.

As usual the project started with the children’s drawings and ideas.  I cherry picked these after consultation with the school to come up with a series of designs which incorporated as many of the children’s ideas as possible.  This is the final design, which is going to be made in two parts since it will be sited in an angled corner of the IT suite. 

2nd-draft-smaller-black-letters   img123img109img121img114 img107 

These are some of the drawings used to make the design.

These are images of the mosaic in progress.  Some of the tiles on one of the boards look really dull – that’s because they are mirror tiles and you can only see the back of them in the photos.  Also, you probably won’t be able to see clearly but we used old parts of laptops and computers such as circuit boards, laptop keys to make the inspirational words, an old calculator, USB plug and an old mouse.  Obviously we couldn’t have used any of these things in a mosaic situated outdoors!


And, finally, the finished mosaic in situ.



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