Roald Dahl Indoor Wall Mural

This was an Arts Week project where each year group chose their favourite Roald Dahl book to illustrate.  Their drawings formed the basis of the mural.  As usual, I chose as many of the children’s drawings as possible so that we could have a very fun packed mural.  Lots of hard work as the design was action packed so it was quite a challenge to fit it into the Arts Week!


These are some of the original designs I used.  I have the finished design in my head as I place the pictures.  Below are my line drawings and coloured versions which I show to the school prior to the start of the project on how the mural might look.


Here is a ‘stitched’ computer version  of part of the mural – it does look very close to the original design.  I hope to have a proper image of the mural in situ after Easter!  6-first-part-of-the-mural-finished

Here also are lots of images of the mural in progress:



Here is the mural in situ in the library.



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