The Hayes Indoor Mosaic

This indoor mosaic was designed using images from five different children’s drawings. As usual I had loads of children’s drawings and it was really difficult to choose just one.

Design 7design 2design 12Design 15design 6

I came up with about 7 different possibilities for the school to choose from and this is the final one:


We started with a Power Point to introduce the pupils to the project and then got down to business by tracing the design onto a paper covered whiteboard.


As the week progressed I worked with all the year groups to add tiles to the design. Everyone in the school took part.


Once the tiles were in place, we applied tile adhesive to our prepared board and turned the paper over onto it.

. 5-tile-covered-paper-turned-over-onto-tile-adhesive-covered-board

We left it to dry and cure overnight before soaking the paper and peeling it off.



The finished mosaic. I left spaces between the tiles for holes to be drilled to afix it to the wall.

8-the-finished-mosaic10 Detail from the large mosaic finished

This is the finished mosaic with detail from it.

And, lastly, we also made a small version.  This is for Mr Wilcox to take home since the large mosaic will obviously be staying in school to commemorate his tenure as the Head Teacher of The Hayes since 1985!

9 the small roundel finished

The mosaic is now up on the wall and was unvieled at a special ceremony at the end of July 2013.  This is what the teacher, Katie Schoeffer, had to say about the project:

Dear Jennie,

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your hard work this week.  All of the staff and children have really enjoyed participating and can’t wait to see the finished mosaic.

Many thanks again,

All the children and staff at The Hayes


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