Maori Fabric Printing with Year 2

This one day project introduced Year 2 children to the idea of designing and making their own printed fabric based on Maori designs.

As usual, I started with a Power Point that both showed the different techniques we would be using as well as a wide selection of Maori designs.  The children started off by designing their fabric pieces and then sectioning and fabric painting their backgrounds.

1a-design-your-fabric-sheet-simply 1-section-the-fabric 1-painting-the-background-fabric 1a-painting-the-background-fabric

The children could decide which colours to paint their backgrounds and how it should be sectioned.  Then, using designs from my Power Point, they made one or two block prints as well as a press print piece.

5-glue-foam-shapes-to-card 6-Draw-with-pencil-on-press-print-and-cut-out 7-check-that-you-foam-and-press-print-shapes-print-properly8-Print-up-your-fabric-sheet-using-your-block-and-press-print-shapes

The children then tried out their block prints and press prints on paper to check that the design worked before printing finally on their fabric pieces.  Here are some of their wonderful fabric designs.

 design-2design-1 design-3 design-4 design-5 design-6 design-7


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