‘RESPECT’ Mosaic

This is a KS1 project for Art Week – quite a tall order for children of 7 or under! Using a photograph of the children in their PE kit, I designed a mosaic for the key word of ‘Respect’.

1 sticking the tiles on the design

Year 1 children started the project off by transferring the design onto paper using their class white board. Our design (and writing) is backwards so that we will be sticking our tiles down backwards too.

2 detail of the tiles stuck

This is a large mosaic – approximately 1.8m high and 1.2 m wide, so it took several days for Year 1, Year 2 and both Reception classes to finish sticking down the tiles.

3 the tiles all stuck down backwards

Once the tiles were stuck down Reception children helped me to put tile adhesive on the prepared board and then turn the tile covered paper over onto it.

4 the design turned over onto the tile adhesive covered board

Next we soaked off the paper and were left with the design the right way round.

5 detail of the paper being removed

Reception children helped to grout the design

8 children grouting the design

and it was finished!  The word ‘Respect’ is done in mirror tiles and the large hands are done in irridescent tiles.

9 the finished mosaic

This is the mosaic in situ.



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