Rose mosaic

What better way to commemorate 42 years working at the same primary school than to have a mosaic, made by the children, permanently on the wall outside the classroom?  Since the teaching assistant’s name is Rose, there was an obvious theme when I took a selection of the children’s drawings to make the final design.

Rose small-blue-flower small-flower small-red-flower sun

This is the design that the children worked from:

Final-design-drawn-and-colouredThe children made the ‘Rose’ mosaic using the indirect method which involves drawing the design in reverse and sticking the tiles face down on the paper.

Making-the-indirect-mosaicYou can see here the name ‘Rose’ is back to front.  Once the tiles are all stuck down the wall is prepared and tile adhesive applied to it.  The paper is then turned over, tile side down, onto the tile adhesive and left to dry overnight.

Putting-the-indirect-mosaic-on-the-wallIt doesn’t look much at this stage but the following morning we soaked off the paper and then grouted the tiles which, as you can see, are now the right way round!

The-finished-Rose-MosaicA lovely way to remember a special teaching assistant.