Paper Sculpture and Pop-ups

I have devised a number of projects using paper. Some are quite simple collage projects for Nursery children and others are more complex paper engineering and pop-ups. Here are some of the images from these projects:

School Carnival figure from Gifted and Talented Group

This is a Carnival figure made using modroc, wire, tissue paper and card for a Gifted and Talented group in after school sessions over several weeks.


A collage by Nursery which included press print leaves, paint techniques and paper manipulation.


This was a project for a Special Needs school with a heavy accent on texture for the poorly sighted amongst the group.






This was a particularly fun project in several schools where children made their own ‘Fantasy boxes’. These boxes, shown folded out, included a number of different art techniques with a wide variety of media. The initial project was aimed at children transferring from Year 6 to their new high school and all the things (including their art skills) that they could take with them.


This was a project to make 3D books using plastic masks as a base with an accent on the creative to show the well known children’s fairy story Little Red Riding Hood in an exciting way.


A project in basic anamatronics with our moving Santas made from scratch.



In addition to all these ‘paper’ projects I have run a number of projects on pop-ups too.







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