David Livingstone Academy have some wonderful class names such as ‘Explorers’, ‘Artists’, ‘Scientists and ‘Pioneers’ so it seemed an ideal opportunity to design a mural using the children’s drawings about their class names. We started with a map of the world which was populated with these images and then during Arts Week in May 2013 we made out mural.

Stencils on the boards with chalk outline

KS2 children made stencils from their drawings and then transferred them onto prepared boards.

covered wagon and space shuttle painted

Board one with covered wagon and space ship painted

Years 5 and 6 painted the detailed images and the younger years painted the background.

Marie Curie and Mona Lisa on the board

Asia painted

The finished boards.

Board one being painted

All four boards finished

Europe painted

Finished boards

Once the mural is up in the KS2 playground I hope to have some pictures to show of it in situ.


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