Barry Parade Wall Mural

This is a fantastic example of school, community and business coming together to produce some fabulous art work.  The owners of the site, Panther Securities PLC and The Neighbourhood Vet in Barry Road, East Dulwich, asked me and the local Goose Green Primary School to provide an outdoor wall mural to brighten up the hoarding in front of a parade of vacant shops forming a future development site

The children came up with lots of lovely drawings of animals, people, flowers, trees and even a Tasmanian Devil.  Here are some of them:


This is an example of Board 3 using the children’s drawings and my visualisation of what it might look like.

Board-3-idea Board3-line-drawing Board003-coloured

I worked all these together into a series of boards, some of which could be stand alone pieces or put together to make a panorama.


The children then painted the boards and this is how they look:


This is Board 3 (with some of Board 2 and 4) so you can see it’s really close to the original!



Here is what it looks like in situ – with an extra board telling everyone who supported the project.  Thanks to Panther Securities PLC and The Neighbourhood Vet for making it all happen!