Drawing is an area that some teachers find quite difficult to deal with in class, particularly now that it is mentioned specifically in the new National Curriculum.  I have run a number of successful Drawing Workshops both for teachers and pupils.  My workshops are aimed to encourage confidence to explore a wide variety of drawing techniques as well as introduce teachers and pupils to the idea that drawing is not all about highly realistic images and the potential failure rate to achieve those.  Drawing is about expression, feeling, mark making and emotion .

I show both teachers and pupils some of the basics of drawing including mark making as well as how to draw faces and people, how shading indicates volume and simple perspective.  I also include experimental sessions to ‘loosen up’ so that we enjoy this fun and exciting activity.  Drawing is not about using an HB pencil on a piece of copy paper but about trying out different mediums and combining those to produce original and creative work.

These images below are just some of my own drawing experiments using different mediums and papers.



Here are also some pupils pictures using some of these mediums.

Pastel-tone-drawing-for-head-sculpture4 figure-drawing-using-3-colour-glazes Glenthorne-14-A1-watercolour-wax-crayon


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