3D wall murals and mosaics

Sometimes schools want an outdoor wall  mural with that little bit extra.  In the case of a 3D wall mural or mosaic this means that the pupils make latex moulds which they cast in CreaStone and are then added to the painted or mosaic murals.  In all cases the moulds are made with initial drawings by the pupils and then a solid clay master is carved by them.  Latex is then applied and once dry the clay is removed and the mould is filled with CreaStone which is a powder substance which is mixed with water to make a porridge that hardens and becomes suitable to use outside.  Here are some of these 3D murals:


This mosaic/mural was made with both CreaStone filled moulds as well as slip cast pieces and mosaic to make a design based on water.

Finished sculpture and mural

The ‘faces’ mural used relief plaque faces made by the pupils which were the base for the latex moulds.  A particularly effective touch is the copper tubing which winds round the boards and which should weather beautifully with time.


This is a large outdoor mural approximately4.8m x 2.4m made by pupils at David Livingstone Academy from their designs.  The name of the school as well as their moto ‘Reach for the Stars’ is in 3D CreaStone letters made by Year 3 pupils and the stars have 3D images inside them made by Years 4, 5 and 6.




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