I have just been designing for a new mural which will be painted by Infant children in a school in Croydon.  The brief is to design six boards (approximately 2.4m x 1.2m each) to provide a ‘privacy’ screen where the playground adjoins a busy road.  The children have done loads of lovely drawings for me:

007 (2)

This a sheet with two of the children’s drawings on.  I selected some of the elements such as animals, trees, leaves, flowers and insects to use in the final designs.

tree 7animal 5bird in treeanimal 11animal 13 (fox)animal 1bee 1 leaf 1

I decided which of these images should go together – I’ve got around 85 different images taken from the children’s drawings to try and fit in!  I have also got to think about how balanced the finished mural with these images.  This is one of the boards showing the children’s drawings in place:


I then have to add the background which I do as a line drawing.


Then I do a coloured version to show the school what it might look like painted.  Since none of the children used colour with their drawings, I have made them up myself.


These are the designs for the six boards which I sent to the school for approval before the start of the project.



Here are some images of the boards at the end of each day as they are painted:

Elmwood-Woodland-board-half-painted Elmwood-Woodland-board-detail-1 Elmwood-Woodland-boards-being-painted-2 Elmwood-Woodland-detail-2 Elmwood-Woodland-detail-3 Elmwood-Woodland-gruffalo-detail

These last images are details of boards 2 and 3 in the series of 6.  We were fortunate to be painting inside because of the rotten weather but the children had a great time with their painting.  Once we’ve finished all the boards, they have to be put up in the playground.DSCN9133 DSCN9132


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