PINE PAVILION mural/mosaic

St Mary’s have a new outdoor classroom so they ran a school competition to come up with a name.  The winning name was PINE PAVILION and I came up with several designs for a sign to fit above the entrance.  This is the one the school chose:final-design

We decided to make the red lettering in glass tiles so that it has a 3D aspect and so that it will stand out.  The rest of the sign will be painted so that we have a mosaic/mural.

The children made stencils for the orange lettering and drew round them with chalk onto the prepared boards.


Then the children stuck the red tiles onto the board with tile adhesive.


Once the tiles were down, they left them to dry and started painting – making sure they didn’t paint too close to the tiles!


The following day the children grouted between and around the red tiles.  They made sure the grout was totally dry before painting near it.


Then the children finished off the mural mosaic.  Here it is finished with some detail pictures too.  I hope to be able to put some photos of it in situ when it is finally in place on the Pine Pavilion.

7-painting-round-the-lettering 8-the-end-of-the-second-day  10-detail-of-the-finished-boards 11-detail-of-the-finished-boards 9-the-finished-boards12-the-finished-boards


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