Clay and CreaStone plaques

This was a fun part of David Livingstone Academy’s recent Art Week for Year 3.  The theme was music and dance and each pupils was asked to draw and design a plaque which they then made in clay.


Clay-guitar Clay-heart-with-musical-notes Clay-music-plaque Making-the-clay-imagesSince the school does not have a kiln, we had to use a different technique in order to display our pieces outside on the school wall.  We painted each of the clay pieces with several layers of liquid latex to make a mould.

Clay-dancers-covered-with-latex Covering-the-treble-clef-with-latex Covering-the-clay-with-latexThen we took the clay out and filled our moulds with CreaStone which is weather fast outside once dry.  CreaStone is a gritty powder that is added to water in order to make a ‘porridge’  that you leave to harden in the mould   Once that was done the pupils took their CreaStone plaques out of the latex moulds and painted them!

More-painted-CreastoneSome-of-the-Creastone-casts-painted Some-of-the-creastone-casts-and-their-latex-moulds Here are some of them with their latex moulds.  The finished plaques are now on the school walls for parents and visitors to admire.

Creastone-plaques-on-the-outside-of-the-school Detail-of-the-plaques-in-place More-painted-Creastone-on-the-school-walls The-painted-CreaStone-in-situ