Personal Goals Mural boards

This was a three week project to make eight large speech bubble shaped boards with the Personal Goals of the school: Resilience, Cooperation, Communication, Morality, Respect, Thoughtfulness, Adaptability and Enquiry.  All the children in the school were asked to participate in a competition to provide a quote from a famous person to illustrate one of these goals and the winning quotes were then put on each of the boards.

I came up with designs based on the names chosen and submitted them for approval to the school prior to the start of the project.  When I came into school the children and I made stencils of the main characters for ease of transfer to the boards (each over 2m in length) and then I drew the rest of each of the designs freehand in chalk for the children to paint.  All the children in the school from Reception to Year 6 were involved in the painting process and they painted everything except the faces of the famous people and the quotes themselves.

Here are the finished boards, which will be put up on the walls of the main staircase in the school:


A thoroughly enjoyable mural with lovely pupils.

Here are some of the boards on the staircase walls:


Here is the other side of the stairs with the ‘Personal Goals’ board:


Nancy’s Quote

One of the original designs for our quote boards was from a Year 4 pupil.  Unfortunately the school had to choose between quotes from Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill and Nancy – with Nelson Mandela being the winner.  Since Nancy’s quote was such a good one, the school asked me to design a roundel board just for Nancy and her quote.  This is the finished board: